Mooncups over Brighton

This week we piled into Eliz' magic electric car/stealth bomber for our first go at the Brighton Fringe. We landed at the Latest Music Bar and spent so long doing up the cozy basement theatre with fairy lights that we forgot to warm up the old voices. But don't worry, the venue looked ace, like Santa's grotto but without the fat old pervie himself. 

Our Audience Review:

The audience:

  • Was there (phew)

  • Was brilliant

  • Laughed in all the right places

  • Said nice things about us, like "Brilliant, hilarious, filthy!", all things we aspire to be.

The lovely Daniel Cook took some pictures:

We're carbo loading for our next two performances:

  • Monday 14th May 7.30 pm

  • Wednesday 16th May 9 pm

Get your tickets  to join us in our Grotto of Filth.

...and as an added no-cost-to-you bonus,  we bring you our song about mooncups, not-quite-live from Brighton Fringe last Monday, in all its gory splendour: