Big love to these people. They do encouragement, helping, weirdness and fun extremely well.


Anna is made of music. Brilliant composer, arranger, choral director, musician, human and wonderful friend to the Dirts, Anna is simply superduper. We shamelessly steal and defile her wonderful arrangements for some of our rudest songs. And she doesn’t mind. We love Anna.



Our partners in weirdness, we have never seen the like of ELTEL before, in a good way. Funny, freaky, moving and musical with bags of charisma and generosity. Also very, very clever. We love gigging with them. They are ELTEL and they will entertain you. Listen to their great single Flutterby. We will do some unholy musical stuff with them one day.


The Nefarious Picaroons

First, we liked their name. Then we liked their music. You can dance to it. You can sing along to it. You can wear tutus and top hats and no one gives a dang. Their energy is the sort that uplifts one when one is at the end of one's tether. They also don't mind if you call them The Contemptous Macaroons, The Abstemious Brigadoons etc etc.


We were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when we met Gavin Thomas, who is the warm and fuzzy beating heart of live music in the Guildford, UK, area. His sessions are legendary, chockablocka full of amazing talent, except when we play. Gavin lets us inflict our world premieres on his innocent audience, and for that (and his unfailing encouragement) we thank him. If you like listening to an eclectic range of lovely stuff while you clutch your pint of Bishop's Armpit, you can't do better than boogieing on down to one of his glorious nights.