The place was in an uproar … with most of the audience weeping with helpless laughter.


The Dirty Carols are....

Eliz by Dave P.jpg

Elizabeth Molineux

Our Elizabeth

Some say she worked as an international spy. Others say she worked in IT. Whatever her background, we know that Eliz is a little too handy with a camera and keeps the other Dirties in line with her attention to detail and a work ethic that makes Thomas Edison look like a total waster.


Lorna Bannister

Our Lorna

Lorna is a thwarted fine artist whose resentment of other fine artists is inversely proportional to the effort she puts in to doing any art. Living in hippy squalor, Comet Lorna sheds a trail of old fag ends, joss sticks and tie-dye knickers on each trip to the fridge for another wee drinkie. Lorna is clever at painting and will dab you with gilt if you don’t run fast enough. 


Louise Etheridge


Sandrine Urvoy

Our Louise

Rejecting a multitude of proper jobs,  Louise spends her days conserving her energy, writing unpleasant poetry and lists that start with things like “If I had a pack of magic bears, I would…..”. Louise is not bad at writing funny lyrics and she enjoys a lovely sprint. She was once nicknamed “The Rocket.” 


Our Sandrine

Sandrine was just six weeks old when we found her under a Waitrose shopping trolley and we’ve raised her as our own. She’s grown up to be a bonny, strong lass with an unnatural penchant for bouncy castles and, inexplicably,  a French accent.

Mellifluous, scurrilous, bawdy and brilliant.
— A nice person who liked our show